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Why should I buy from your company not from other suppliers?

As a technology company, Pinjialing’s products have its own core technologies and patents. And has certain influence and popularity in the peer field. We have our own software engineering development department, expert engineering design department, precise production process, strict QC management and high-quality after-sales service.

What is the use of Servo Riveting Machine?

Guangdong Pinjialing Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional servo press, precision coating and related equipment R & D and manufacturing as one of the modern technology-based enterprises. Our servo riveting machine is used to automatically set (press) rivets to join materials together. The riveting machine offers greater consistency, productivity and lower cost compared to manual riveting.

What is a servo linear actuator mechanism?

The servo motor is directly connected with the transmission screw of the electric cylinder, so that the encoder of the servo motor directly feeds back the displacement of the moving piston of the electric cylinder, which reduces the inertia and clearance of the intermediate link, and improves the control and control accuracy.

How many types of riveting machines do we have in our factory?

Our factory has S / C type precision intelligent servo press equipment, high precision diameter riveting, pendulum riveting, servo rotary riveting machine.

What is a servo press machine?

A servo press machine is a type of press machine that uses a servo motor to drive the ram. It provides precise control over the stroke and speed of the ram, allowing for accurate and repeatable forming processes.

What are the advantages of servo presses in forging?

In addition to making it possible to form materials traditionally considered difficult to machine, our servo presses offer a number of other benefits, including higher forming accuracy, increased productivity, reduced noise, and improved energy savings.

What are the advantages of using a servo press machine?

The advantages of using a servo press machine include reduced production costs, increased productivity, improved product quality, and better energy efficiency.

How to place order?

When you are ready to order, please contact us for confirm the suitable solution & plan & model. What cannot be ignored is you should provide a copy purchase order to ensure that your order is processed properly.

What is a Nano silver sintering machine?

Our nanosilver sintering machine is an efficient and environment-friendly nanomaterial preparation equipment product, which focuses on the sintering preparation of high quality nanosilver powder. The product adopts advanced microwave heating technology to effectively control the temperature field distribution and ensure uniform and stable sintering process. Equipped with a sophisticated vacuum system and exhaust gas treatment device to ensure that the sintering process is carried out in a dust-free, low-oxygen environment, thereby improving the purity and dispersion of nanosilver powder.

Which shipping way can you provide?

We can provide shipping by sea, by air, by express and etc according to customer requirements.