15 ton Servo Press supplier


Advanced Technology

At Pinjialing, we are proud of our commitment to providing high quality servo press. It can meet the high-precision production requirements of precision manufacturing enterprises, such as stamping, forming, riveting, embossing, grease coating, and glue coating. After years of industry accumulation, our equipment has been widely used in motors, power tools, smart homes, auto parts, home appliances, 3C intelligence and new energy industries. Providing operators with a reliable and low-maintenance solution for their service stamping equipment.

Core Products

S/C type precision intelligent servo press equipment, high precision variable diameter riveting, swing riveting, servo rotary riveting machine, high precision chip sintering press machine, high performance electric grease pump/dispensing pump, high precision quantitative grease valve/point glue valve, precision pneumatic flow valve, ultra-precision servo metering valve.

15 Ton Servo Press

Our servo press products adopt advanced servo motor drive technology to achieve precise control and high-speed response. Its built-in intelligent control system can adjust stamping parameters according to actual needs, achieve precise stamping depth and speed control, and ensure the stability and consistency of the processing process. At the same time, the equipment also has a high-precision positioning system and automatic compensation function, which can automatically adjust the stamping position to effectively avoid errors and deviations.


In addition to efficient punching capabilities, the 15-ton servo press also focuses on operational safety and convenience. It is equipped with multiple safety devices, such as overload protection, emergency shutdown, etc., to ensure the safety of operators. At the same time, its humanized operation interface and intelligent fault diagnosis system allow operators to easily get started, quickly solve equipment faults, and improve production efficiency.


Global reach and reputation

With its deep accumulation and wide influence in the field of servo press equipment, Pinjialing has earned a good reputation for its excellent quality and high reliability. Our servo presses are favored and respected by operators around the world, further solidifying our position as a trusted and preferred supplier of quality equipment. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products and services to help them stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

For those looking for a reliable, high quality servo press supplier, Pinjialing offers an excellent solution. Our equipment leads the industry in technological innovation, quality control and customer service, so feel the exceptional value we bring to you.


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How is a servo press machine different from a mechanical press machine?

A servo press machine differs from a mechanical press machine in that it employs a servo motor that provides precise control over the ram’s position and speed, while a mechanical press machine uses a flywheel and clutch to control the ram.

Do you have an inspection procedure for the product?

Yes, We have a strict inspection of product quality and packing.

What is an electric butcher?

An electric butcher, also known as an electric butter churn or butter maker, is a modern device designed to automate the process of churning cream into butter. Churning is the traditional method of turning cream into butter by stirring the cream until the fat globules coalesce and separate from the buttermilk.

What types of materials can be formed using a servo press machine?

A servo press machine can be used to form a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, copper, and other alloys.

What is a servo press machine?

A servo press machine is a type of press machine that uses a servo motor to drive the ram. It provides precise control over the stroke and speed of the ram, allowing for accurate and repeatable forming processes.

Which shipping way can you provide?

We can provide shipping by sea, by air, by express and etc according to customer requirements.

Is there any warranty after purchasing the servo press?

We have more than 13 years of professional manufacturing experience. We provide 2 years warranty for our servo presses. Technical support is provided free of charge forever.

How does an electric churn work?

The Electric Butter Machine has a motorized churn that rotates and agitates the cream, causing the fat globules to coalesce and separate from the buttermilk, resulting in fresh butter.

Is the machine easy to clean?

Yes, most electric butter churners are designed with easy to clean parts. Simply disassemble, wash with warm soapy water, rinse and allow to dry.

What is a servo linear actuator mechanism?

The servo motor is directly connected with the transmission screw of the electric cylinder, so that the encoder of the servo motor directly feeds back the displacement of the moving piston of the electric cylinder, which reduces the inertia and clearance of the intermediate link, and improves the control and control accuracy.