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Guangdong pinjialing Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd is a professional to servo pressing, Precision coating and Related Equipment R & D and manufacturing as one of the modern technology-based companies.It can meet the high precision production requirements of pressing, forming, riveting, stamping, grease coating and glue coating in precision manufacturing enterprises.

After years of industry accumulation, our equipment has been widely used in motor, electric tools, smart home, automotive parts, household appliances, 3C intelligent and new energy industries.

Double station turntable servo riveting machine: A Precision Tool to Improve Efficiency

In modern industrial production, the application of automation and intelligent equipment is becoming more and more extensive. Among them, the double-station rotary table servo riveting machine, with its high efficiency and precision, has become an indispensable precision tool in many industries. This article will introduce the structure, function, application advantages and selection points of the double-station rotary table servo riveting machine in detail to help readers fully understand this efficient equipment. 1. Structure of Double station turntable servo riveting machine It mainly consists of servo motor, rotary table indexing device, radial riveting head, frame, fixture, safety guard and control system. The core lies in the precise control of the servo motor and the efficient operation of the turntable indexing device to ensure that the riveting operation at each station can be completed accurately and without errors. Servo Motor: As the power source, the servo motor achieves precise movement of the work table and head by precisely controlling the speed and...

Fully Automatic Gear Press: How to Bring Efficiency to Your Factory

With the rapid development of industrial automation, fully automatic gear press has become one of the key equipment to improve factory production efficiency. This article will explore how fully automatic gear press can bring efficiency improvement to your factory and analyze its important role in modern manufacturing. 1. The Main Advantages of Fully Automatic Gear Press With its high efficiency, precision and reliability, fully automatic gear press has brought significant production efficiency improvement to the factory. It can achieve continuous and stable gear pressing operations, reduce the intervention and errors of manual operation, thus improving product quality and production efficiency. 2. Reduce labor cost The automated operation of fully automatic gear press reduces labor cost. Compared with traditional manual operation, automated equipment can work continuously, does not require rest and vacation, and has lower skill requirements for operators. This not only reduces the labor cost of the factory, but also improves the stability and reliability of the production line. 3....

How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Fully Automatic Gear Press

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of industrialization, fully automatic gear press has become an indispensable and important equipment in modern manufacturing industry with its efficient and precise processing performance. This article will analyze how fully automatic gear press can improve production efficiency in points. 1. High-speed processing capability The fully automatic gear press has high-speed processing capability, and its advanced control system and precise transmission mechanism ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the processing process. This high-speed processing capability greatly improves the production speed of parts such as gears, effectively shortening the production cycle and improving production efficiency. 2. Automated production process The entire process from raw materials to finished products is automated. The automated production process reduces the manual operation links, reduces the interference of human factors in the production process, and improves the stability and reliability of the production process. At the same time, the automated production process of fully automatic gear press...